Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kids and athletics

When I was a child (in the stone age) there were no SAQ(speed, agility quickness)  camps. The way you developed these attributes was to play tag, run,  jump and play with other kids. My generation produced some of the greatest athletes( without the benefit of science and specific training) that world has ever seen.  And it was done without the advent of fancy equipment and hurdles and ladders, etc. I'm not knocking all of that  stuff. I use alot of it on myself when I train, and on my clients whether they're kids or adults. However there is a time and place for everything.

My biggest pet peeve is kids being subjected to these things without the benefit of a strong foundation. No core strength, lack of mobility and flexibility. And yet they are out there trying to do things that they're body just can't do! this usaully leads to an injury of a faulty movement pattern that will eventually lead to an injury.

Parents, don't put you kids into SAQ camps that don't assess your childs mobility FIRST!