Friday, October 12, 2012

T-minus two months and counting!

Good morning bloggers, Yes It's been a while and I need to keep up with you more often! But here I am. We are well within two months til the Tough Mudder Tampa and workouts have been going great, even if the weather has been trying to put a damper on our outdoor activities.

We have a smaller group this year, only 19 instead of the 24 last year. That doesn't mean we're any less enthusiastic about the race, we have a good mix of veterans and newbies that should make for a good mix.

The race was moved to Sarasota this year which is a little closer, but still requires an overnight stay.

The factory has been rolling in its 3rd year going into it's 4th. We've been discovered by parents looking to give their kids an edge when participating in sports. We train kids from age 12 and up. Any younger than 12 is really a waste for the kid. They need to be having fun and learning fundamentals instead of looking at trying to make them faster. They're are just growing into their bodies, give them time.

Morning boot camp is going great! with the holiday season coming up. It's time to get yourself ready for that holiday cocktail dress. or tuxedo.

Yoga is a success! small group of no more than 12.  Come try a class for free, first one is on us.

Finally, a welcome to Ms Gina Ostarly the newest member to our team. She's fitting in well with our group and we love having her here!

Ok, I'm going to promise to get on here more often. Once a week up to the Mudder. Let you know what our workout was for that day. Have a great weekend!