Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sports training for kids

I get a lot of questions from parents asking about training for their kids. They've been spending countless dollars on pitching, hitting, volleyball, lacrosse, SAQ camps and not seeing the results. I always tell them. Your spending your money in the wrong place. Unless that athlete has a good foundation, i.e.. joint mobility, muscle flexibility and core strength, you are not going to see the gains that you are chasing with your hard earned dollars. If an athlete has tight hips he or she will not get the maximum benefit of learning how to drive off the mound towards the plate with pitching lessons, or becoming linearly faster because they can't get the knee up high enough to produce maximal force from SAQ training. A good Coach will tell you this is important!

Remember you can't build a house on a weak foundation and expect it to survive!

There will be more to follow on this topic!